Gah! Dante’s inferno, resident evil, the labrynth, Mauna Kea or Naruto?

Woah, it’s already the 3rd month of the year. How crazy is that?  What’s your current situation?

Well for me, wait, how do I even describe it?  Oh, I call it “conquering Mauna Kea”. Imagine trekking this mountain which is 10K + meters above sea level!

For a life mountaineer like me, it was nearly impossible to overcome this “mountain”. The pathway was a maze, could you imagine a real life labrynth X Dante’s inferno combined with full action resident evil scenarios? Yep, that cray (I could even insert fast hand seals, nearly impossible).

But the journey was worth it, I can’t even explain how I appreciate life more. I’m happy I could already talk about these stuff (although if I put everything in full details, NO, too dragging).

Learning, my life is all about it. I’d love to live by what my tattoo says- live to inspire. And since I feel I’m overflowing with learnings, I’d share the most important one- learn to be alone.

This world made people so dependent with each other that we forgot to listen to our own voice. Everyday, this ‘inner voice’ is screaming to dominate, to be heard, to be understood- but with a lot of ‘factors’, this voice is drowned by too much unnecessary noise.

The power comes in being alone. In critical times, we transform into this magnificent warrior, it is amazing to share how our mind and body adjusts to a lot of things- it speaks to us and helps us understand situations better. Being alone stretches our mind and as they say, ‘a mind stretched can never go back to its old dimensions’.

In being alone, we unleash this inner power that we never thought was there all along. It makes us know ourselves more, on what is really right and wrong for us without any intervention from the society’s opinion. It gives you this security that no one else is YOU.

A lot of us are uncomfortable with the thought of not being able to fit in, that we should be part of a crowd and it is wonderful to be with people in your same vibration, but unless you have lived a CHAOTIC life ALONE , you will never awaken this magical part of YOU.

Too funny that I started this blog with humor,    and the middle part became lines in game of thrones (Daenarys tho!). But seriously, it is a good exercise to once in awhile look back to who you were and what you are now. You’d find the comparison worth it (muscle flex).

Till the next blog (yeah yeah, I know I’ve been lazy and all). But eventhough I am not consistently writing, I promise my thoughts to share will always be worth your time.

Let me trek more mountains and learn more about my purpose. Sayonara!


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