Heyy, can we stop and smell the flowers?

As I walk down my usual route in Greenfield District on the way home, it struck me- I wonder how many people take the time and observe what’s happening around them?

I looked up to the sky and saw the moon boasting its beauty in the night sky. I wondered how many people made an effort to stare at her grace every night. The round shaped heavenly body exuding lights in the middle of what seemed to be a never ending cave.

On my way to the bus stop, I sat down on (a low flat brick wall, really not sure HAHA) in front of a hotel and lit a cigar.

I saw few people also waiting for their buses, 1 couple on the left seemed to be arguing on something, like they can’t figure out if they’ll ride the next bus or not. The other couple on the right were talking sweetly about their day. I wonder if they even thought of staring at the sky just to admire its beauty.

At the hotel lobby was a restaurant with transparent wall glass, of course you could see the folks dining their hearts out. A group with 1 foreigner sitting seemed to be discussing something serious, like sports (since they were all boys). The other was an all-girl-squad about 30-40 years in age, their faces were lighter so (I assumed) that they were discussing about their husbands, 1 seemed to be single so she was listening hard to the conversation, probably getting tips from the tenured ones (LOL). I wonder if they ever noticed the beautiful energy bestowed by nature and heaven to earth.

I stared by the street and noticed the trees in the middle, swaying and dancing along with the light cold breeze.

I smelled the air and it gave a sign of weather change. That rain is coming, the damp cold smell of the air, the way it gives chill to my skin, it’s such a wonder how everything around us can communicate and give signs.

My eyes went to my shoes, and saw the pavement I was stepping on. He told me his age, that he was built 3 or 4 years ago. The marbles were still shiny in some parts, but mostly are covered with dirt and dust, it’s telling me that probably 90-100 people walks on him everyday. Little cracks can be seen with ants crawling in and out as they look for food (since it will rain, I hope I’m correct HAHA).

It’s a busy world, we all have our own lives and roles to fulfill everyday. Even if (some folks) may wish to stop time, it’s impossible. Buses will move and people will walk. But as we do our daily grind of being a zombie in the metro (or even in the province) it is clear that we still are somehow connected to the world- and we can’t neglect the energy around us, the beauty of HIS creation, the sunset and sunrise, the sun and moon, the clouds and the sky. The trees, the soil, the air we breathe. All these things that gives the energy and beauty of living the life we have now. All these BEAUTIFUL things are just so priceless.

We get so busy and tired with life that we forget to stop and smell the flowers.

Now I wonder if you felt the chance given to you tomorrow to appreciate the world we live in (not the technology or tall buildings whatsoever) as you end reading my write-up. Live, love..appreciate 🙂


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