An email, a blog, a mental telepathy to my future self?

Hi Dior, how are you? 

What time and date is it now?

How are things going on lately?

Life has been a never ending quest for your purpose hasn’t it?

You were someone who’s always eager to explore on new things, overthinking every night.

Are you sitting on a high position in recruitment now? You’ve always loved this career, years back, you were just scanning and encoding reports, you were goal driven, you were a dreamer. I am happy to be seeing you fulfilled and inspired. Remember, to always find the good things even when you’re stressed, just like the old times.

Are you still dancing? Maybe yes, maybe no? Your remaining youtube videos with you dancing are still great, go watch them once in awhile, remind yourself of your passion. You might still be doing it now, but if not- please go and listen to your favorite song and groove to it now. You’ve always felt a different person when you’re lost in those beats, you felt free.

Are you still into progressive arts? Do you still take pictures of yourself or anything around you? Your instagram (or whatever app is popular in your time?) has been a channel for you to express yourself, you’ve always desired to evolve that account in the best way you can- you’re doing great! Look at your previous posts, are they not beautiful? They are, they were made by you. Go out and smile at the camera!

Is your dog still with you? I’ve always heard about how awesome Dutch is. She might be feeling some pain in her joints now, nonetheless, I think she is still as crazy as before. Just an advice to be with her and give her the best days of her life till the end. She only has you and I bet she loves you so much. Never lose your heart for the animals.

Do you still go out and drink? It’s funny when I remember your prime years, you were a drinking machine, a nocturnal. If you are still drinking once in awhile, please do it moderately, or quit now, your smoking included, your health is at risk- lessening the time that you wanna do new things! If you’ve quitted, here’s a tap at the back. Goodjob!

Do you still inspire people? Remember those letters and feedback you got from the people you’ve inspired? This is to tell you that they’re doing good in their lives, you’ve contributed to where they are now. Who was the last person you got a quick warm chat? Probably you’ve spoken too much again, much that your heart was in your mouth (figuratively). If you’ve not been doing that lately, you’re losing yourself. Shake your head, wash your face, look at the mirror and say ‘To live is to inspire’, walk that talk from your neck tattoo!

How’s your mom? she is one of a kind, probably the best mom in the millions of milky ways out there. Yeah, she’s your mom. She might be grumpy and a bit negative at times but you are her, she is you, you know what I mean. The way you think, talk, react, you remind me of our mom always! Take care of her! Do you have the house you’ve dreamed for her with a big garage and garden area? If yes, you’ve matured a lot. If no, not yet late, she’s alive, run for those goals now!

Lastly, who do you live with now? I bet that person is awesome, you’ve always had fun ex’s (mostly with their own unique attitude). Is that person always working on your mood swings? I think yes, you’re that, and that’s what the person loves about you. You’re funny, crazy, you can be sweet at times. Be grumpy, be artsy, always debating, always impulsive on everything- and that’s you. The person accepts you because this person loves you.

Oh, just a quick note about friends. Love and keep in touch with them. Message them after this!

There are a lot of things I wanted to ask you, but I’m running out of time from this time capsule. I need to return back to the present.

You are great, stop overthinking. From the present, you don’t know how much you’re missing out from not loving yourself. I hope by the time you read this, you’ve grown more to prioritize yourself, to stop hurting yourself with things out of your control. Your favorite color still red, the moon still your soul. I love you and I’ll be doing my best here in the present. I’m .. feeling ttt-hhee timme capsules losii-ii-ng energ-yy. Go live the best life, the Dior way! Sayonara!


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