A cup of coffee is more than just sippin

On the table he stared by a cup of coffee half empty. He was alone and again had his own world as a playground.

His thoughts were wondering, wandering. 

While lost in his thoughts in all different kinds of emotions, the cup of coffee stood still, grounded and strong, it seemed seeking attention.

He focused on the proud cup, took a sip and fell in a trance. He saw familiar faces from when he was about 12 years old until when the calendar days would reach its end, everyone were talking about the world.

‘Heartbreaking news- I’m single’

                   ‘I am who I am, this is my opinion’

‘I have a new phone’

                                             ‘My life goals are’

‘I’m sorry, what can I do to change your mind’

                  ‘The equation should be x/y’

‘People would always have something to say’

The talking sounded in what seemed to be a movie about squirrels that can speak. There were lots of faces swirling down the funnel of his brain waterspout.

These thoughts were interrupted by a notification sound from his phone. He stared at the time- gasp. An hour has passed with these television programs playing in his mind.

The faces of the people he had been with for the past years, all the roller coaster emotions, the new learnings, the tears that fell, the laughter that was shared, all because of the proud cup of coffee.

He stared at the cup of coffee almost empty.

The proud cup remained grounded and proud. He took a last sip, stood, smiled and went on with his life.

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