The types of Social Media personalities, it’s a whole new world out there!

Internet Caricature

Internet has been a great medium to express yourself, in fact, our society refers to it as the ‘freedom wall’- where anything and everything under the sun is an understatement. Since the creation of the ‘internet’ era in 1983, where the concept of ‘network to network was defined’, it has evolved its usage to many forms. A virtual assistant, a friend, a newspaper, a lover and a business.

Along with the evolution of internet’s usage, is the society it molded. People with different characteristics and personalities are here, in this write-up you are reading, you are not alone. It’ll be fun to share few observations on the different social media personalities and answer the most important question by the end of this blog, what type am I and will I be willing to accept that?

12 Types of Social Media personalities

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1. The Invincibles

  • These are people who check their feeds a dozen of times everyday. And, they happily admit the addiction
  • According to study, about 14% of facebook users spend at least 2 hours a day in network

2. The Socially Triggered

  • These are people who access their pages once in awhile, sometimes it may take them days or weeks before posting or checking, or if some friends/family members only tells them the magic word ‘ have you seen this in fb?’

3. The- 2 faced

  • These are people who confidently says ‘social media do not control my life’, but gets hysterical when there’s no network signal or if they don’t have internet access

4. The NISB (No Internet since Birth)

  • These are people who are currently viewing Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the first time in their lives, the homepage is such a wonderful sight, their hands start moving the mouse pointer to ‘register to log-in’

5. The Shadows

  • These are people who lives to be in the background, they watch what others are saying but rarely participate themselves
  • According to studies, about 45% of facebook users say they are only there to ‘observe’

6. The Pinkprints

  • High numbers of likes, followers, retweets are mandatory, they will die without it

7. The Megaphones

  • The meek and mild when in face to face conversations. The highly opinionated in social media platforms.

8. The Living Dead

  • These are people who create anonymous profiles for fear of giving-out personal information to strangers, or using a dummy account for personal reasons other than ‘socializing’

9. The Amnesia Boy/Girl

  • These are people who adopts a completely new self when in social media, so no one knows their real identity

10. The Einsteins

  • Asking questions, allows them to start convos (What, When, Who, Why and Where?)

11.  The Thumbs-up-elina

  • The people who constantly check notifications after a status update, they won’t stop till you respond..till they see likes
  • It is said that 1 out of 7 facebook users say it is important for others to like or comment on their status updates

12. The F1s

  • These are people who find satisfaction being the first one to share the latest information, the first to like or to comment. Being ahead of the game is their pledge of honor

In my observation, most people using social media will show a combination of these personality types, and they may even behave differently on Facebook, for example, to how they behave on Twitter.

Smartphones have made connecting to social media platforms much easier and faster, with the result that many people spend a lot more time chatting with friends virtually than they do face to face or over the phone. That can change their relationships with people and, as we are now seeing, it can also change their personalities.

So what type are you? How do you feel about it?

Comments/Likes/Suggestions are welcome!

*photo courtesy care of google images