The Black Snow Warrior


They always say, ‘nothing is constant in this world but change’, and I definitely agree on that. Change has always been a part of a persons’ life, no shields, no supernatural powers can ever stop the unseen effect of such word. People in general, had always been fearful of what it gives, as to change means to transform, to transform is to no longer be familiar, and to not be familiar is scary, so I say people fear what they do not understand.

This is the story of the young warrior who had lived his life with the constant changes the world brought him. Viewing the world from the top of a 20 feet tree, the warrior saw how colorful are the things around him. The blue sky, the white clouds, the red sun, the yellow flowers! All so entertaining in his soulful eyes. I am happy, he’s heart told him.


Not everyday the sun will be up and shining, a gentle voice told him. From where the voice came from is a place that had always been warm and happy in his imagination. He climbed down the tree and studied everything in his surrounding, how everything is interconnected to all living and non living God’s creations, a thing that always fascinated him.

He spent his young life happily and learned a lot from the steps of life. People, culture, politics, life, love…he would describe his young life in words of the wind, earth, and a horse’s stampede.

A gentle voice whispered, he heard it but it was vague- he tried to search for the warm and happy place, he panicked. He only saw the darkness when he woke up. He heard the gentle voice again- grow up, grow up..

Then he heard the people from a nearby village scream. It was the scream of death, it was deafening. The sound had pierced straight to his heart. I died.. his heart whispered. He looked up the sky- it began to cry snow flakes. The first snow that had hit his nose felt like he had been poured over with a barrel of underground water from the crystal river behind the village.He looked up to the sky again, and saw that the formation of the clouds had smiled at  him devilishly. The warrior in his whole life had realized a mistake that could not be distinguished in his human map.

The gentle voice had spoken once again. And he went forward, walking towards the dividing black clouds that was revealing once again the powerful rays of the sun, the transparent warmth had invited  him to come in. As he walked down the path his heart said- I’m glad.

A lot of things happens in one persons’ life, it could be tragic, it could be a happy ending. The world has many colors to reveal but as I’ve painted my path to where I am right now, 2 colors had been the best colors to describe our existence- Black and White, a battle between the just and unjust, good and evil, warmness and coldness. Maybe change is something irrevocable but what we need to learn in life is to embrace each and every changes everyday. It is only when we accept these changes that we fully understand life, on how in the lowest sense of humanity we still can see the brighter side of life. Life is too short to be fearing what’s outside of the brains comprehension- risk if  you want to, cry if you feel so, be crazy, laugh hard  you may never know when you can do these again. Learn and pick up whatever knowledge comes along your way, I had a teaching from a great sensei; You may do all bad things in life because as how many there are, that’s how impossible you can finish all, anyway at the end of the day, it’s what you’ve done after that’s important, after all the adventures in the darkness. Change causes fear, but change is necessary for self-awakening that attracts all the positiveness that the universe offers.